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Thanksgiving dinner menu from Sly’s in Carpinteria

Thanksgiving is Coming! Celebrate with a Turkey Dinner from Sly’s

turkey dinner from Sly's in Carpinteria

A dinner for eight, ready to serve, for $325. We do the cooking so you can relax!

This year Sly’s is again offering a complete traditional Thanksgiving Dinner,  prepared at Sly’s and ready for you to carry-out.

The ready-to-serve menu (portions for about 8 people) includes:

  • Roasted Butternut Squash Soup (two quarts)
  • A high quality Certified Organic Range Grown Turkey, 14 to 16 pounds Prepared the best way we know how: brined, seasoned with fresh sage and butter, and slow roasted to perfection.
  • Traditional sage and onion stuffing made from our home-made bread — amazing.
  • Our mashed potatoes (two quarts)
  • Our Turkey Giblet Gravy (two quarts)
  • Homemade Cranberry Orange Relish (1 pint)
  • fresh Blue Lake Green Beans with Shallots (1 quart)
  • fresh Brussels Sprouts (1 quart)
  • Rye Raisin Rolls & homemade Parker House Rolls
  • 8 portions of our Warm Apple Crisp

We’re available to schedule the pickup time for your family’s dinner at any time between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm. When you arrive at Sly’s, your dinner will be conveniently packaged and ready to take home to the waiting family.

Your kitchen suffers a lot less wear and tear — and so does the cook! You get a high quality meal from Sly’s. If it’s a family tradition to make Great Aunt Martha’s Candied Yams, well, you’ll have a whole lot more time to do that; and much more time to relax and enjoy the holiday without slaving over a hot stove.  (You can tell your guests whatever you would like.)

Our full list of great Californian and French wines by the bottle is available at a special discount of 25% off with your Thanksgiving Dinner to go along with free advice as to what goes best with your dinner. See our wine recommendations here.

If you’d like to have a cocktail when you come to pick up the meal, well, our full bar will be at your service. Relax a little, we won’t say anything.

The complete turkey dinner with all the fixin’s for eight is priced at $325, plus tax.

Need more information? Check out our Thanksgiving Dinner from Sly’s Frequently Asked Questions

To reserve, call (805) 684-6666.

Call now — only a limited number of Sly’s turkey dinners are available!